Your residents are ready to be doctors: make sure they’re ready for real life, too!

As residents prepare to make that transition from training to their careers, they quickly realize that there is a large void in their preparations for life after residency.

We’ve done the work that will help you add real value to your program! We provide critical tools and resources to help guide residents through the transition process into their medical careers and personal lives.

License our physician career and life planning content.

With our complimentary and easy-to-use Career and Life Planning Plug-in, you can offer all the tools and resources in our Physician Career and Life Planning Resource  Library to your residents directly through your website!

Articles, eBooks, financial calculators, checklists, exercises and our community lifestyle search engine will literally be at their fingertips.



We include tools and information on:

Health & Wellness

CV & Cover Letter

Contracts & Negotations


Physician Compensation

Loan Repayment

Browse our 100+ resources

Integrate our publications into your non-clinical curriculum.

We’ve made it easy for you to integrate because we’ve done all the work for you!

We know your time and resources are at a premium and we’re here to help. The partnership we have with residency programs allows them to enhance their offerings and programs by leveraging our proven resources.

Employer, state and community information at their fingertips!

With our Physician Employer Directory, we put the power of information at their fingertips and make it easy to connect with over 6,700 potential employers.

Residents will also be able to conduct state level research on the financial & practice climates, and community level research on schools, local businesses & home values.

Make your program stand out and equip your residents with the information they need to position themselves in their careers and their lives!



As a program coordinator for a rigorous, five-year general surgery residency program, I am always looking for information, resources, and materials to assist my residents as they transition from a PGYI surgical intern to an independent, practicing general surgeon.  In the latter years of the residents’ training program, they enter the phase of finding a job.  As I shared Adventures in Medicine (AIM) with my residents, I realized what a valuable tool it is.  I appreciate that it is a comprehensive guide that educates the resident on each step of moving into a practice, and addresses all of the intricacies that the process entails.


– Laura Warner
  Robert Packer Hospital
  General Surgery Program Coordinator


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