Career and Life Planning Resources for Residents, Fellows and Physicians.

Adventures in Medicine is the trusted resource for career and life planning for medical residents & physicians, residency programs, employers, and service providers.

We help residents & physicians achieve success in their careers and personal lives, and to positively impact the communities they serve.

Your adventure begins with 3 powerful resources

The Guidebook

Our Career and Life Planning Guidebook for Medical Residents is available in hard copy and eBook and contains hundreds of pages of content and exercises that gives you the information you need to succeed in your career and life in medicine.


The Tracker

Reading and understanding The Guidebook’s content is important, however, the real value in content is applying the information to define your true values, organize your priorities and set goals.

Resource Library

Our Physician Career and Life Planning Resource Library includes over 100 powerful modules you need to select the right job, negotiate your compensation, weigh options for a relocation,  and pursue the quality of life you desire.

Delivered in partnership with leaders in the medical and business community committed to your success.

Adventures in Medicine’s unrivaled content, resources and platform adds value

to our partner residency programs, physician employers and other service providers,

demonstrating their commitment to your medical career and success.